Bracket sample
Guild Competition

After the preliminary rounds arin the pot.  completed, the Guild Competition (GC) is divided into brackets and the guilds fight within their brackets to decide their placement in GC standings. If a guild loses its quarter-final (first) battle, then it falls into the losers bracket where it will face the other loser from its side of the bracket. If a guild wins its quarter-final match, then it advances to the semi-finals to face the other winner from its side of the bracket. The two semi-final winners advance to the final round to fight the winner from the opposite side of the complete bracket. The losers of the semi-final matches then compete for 3rd place.

In the loser’s bracket, the losers from each bracket compete against the other loser from its bracket. The winners of these two fights advance and fight each other for 5th place, while the losers battle each other for 7th place.



When betting, you must consider each matchup and decide who will win in your opinion. The GC is a series of matchups and you must decide quickly which guilds will prevail. It is helpful to have a piece of paper to write your predictions onto, this keeps you from forgetting what you decide and helps you to decide faster. Abreviations for each guild name may help you when writing, since you have exactly 5 minutes to complete your predictions and place your bet. You bet by clicking in the box in the bottom left corner of GC menu. Select an finishing order of guilds based on your predictions, type the number of desired bets in the text box, and select “place bet”. The text box accepts the number of 10,000 gold bets you are willing to make, so if you wish to bet 1 million gold, you would type “100” bets into the text box. You may decide to bet more if you wish, but you may not cancel a bet once it is placed.

To win, you must pick the correct order from 1st place to 8th. If you guess places 1-3 correctly, you win 1,000 gold for each 10,000 gold bet….this is called losing money J If you guess places 1-4 correctly, you win 20,000 gold for each 10,000 bet. If you guess places 1-5 correctly, you win 50,000 gold for each 10,000 bet. If you guess places 1-6 correctly, you win 500,000 gold per 10,000 bet. And if you correctly guess all 8 places, you win 2,000,000 gold per 10,000 bet. Needless to say, if you guess only the top 2 correctly, you lose all your money.


Bet winnings also depend on the amount of money In the pot. If the pot runs short of money, then most winners will get only a fraction of the gold normally received